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Collaboratively draft policy right in Esper’s software

Agencies can collaboratively draft any form of regulatory or non-regulatory policy. Stakeholders are able to highlight key sections and leave comments—with the ability to tag additional subject matter experts for review.


From rulemakings to non-regulatory policies, Esper is helping agencies manage the end-to-end policymaking lifecycle

Track the full lifecycle of policy development

Esper allows agencies to view and keep track of all ongoing policy development. Users can set key milestones and deliverable dates—all of which can be viewed in the platform or be exported to ensure greater visibility across your organization.

Case Study

Montana Governor's Office centralizes regulatory work across 13 agencies

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By thoroughly and carefully reviewing, rolling back and repealing unnecessary regulations, while also ensuring safeguards for public health and consumer safety, we will reduce the burden Montanans face.

Kristen Juras

Lieutenant Governor, State of Montana

Case Study

Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance & Safety Fire uses Esper to repeal outdated regulations

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Through our partnership with Esper, we repeal outdated and unnecessary regulations much easier. Esper’s technology helps us position our agency at the forefront of regulatory best practices.

Gregg Conley

Executive Counsel, Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance & Safety Fire

Case Study

New Hampshire Department of Education increases transparency in policymaking

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Centralizing and organizing our administrative rules process will allow us to better serve our stakeholders and citizens more efficiently while increasing the transparency of the process.

Stephen Appleby

Director, Division of Educator Support and Higher Education

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Esper provides local, state and federal governments with a full suite of modern workflow and policy management tools. We have partnered with dozens of government agencies to centralize their policymaking processes and build more transparent and equitable policies for citizens and businesses.
  • How Esper can help

  • Streamline collaboration across all key stakeholders

  • Research, analyze and compare existing policies

  • Manage workflows and tasks

  • Collect, manage and analyze public comments

NYPD’s partnership with Esper allows us to build and maintain modern, transparent and equitable policies for our more than 50,000 employees to better serve the great people of New York City. These types of strategic partnerships set us up not only for success today, but for the future.

Danielle Pemberton

Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Initiatives, New York City Police Department (NYPD)