March 15, 2022

New Hampshire Department of Education increases transparency in policymaking

Increasing transparency in policymaking to better serve stakeholders and constituents

Centralizing and organizing our administrative rules process will allow us to better serve our stakeholders and citizens more efficiently while increasing the transparency of the process.

Stephen Appleby

Director, Division of Educator Support and Higher Education

The New Hampshire Department of Education (DOE) Division of Educator Support and Higher Education oversees licensing for all state educators, provides transcripts for now-closed colleges, provides oversight of post-secondary educator preparation programs, approves postsecondary institutions to accept VA funds, licenses career schools and coordinates the Higher Education Commission.

New Hampshire DOE was looking for innovative ways to improve their policymaking processes without having to hire additional full-time employees. To accomplish this, they needed to centralize and organize their administrative rulemakings. Next, the agency needed a collaborative platform to ensure they met all of their required deadlines and achieve thorough stakeholder review on the dozens of policies they create each year.

Through a partnership with Esper, New Hampshire DOE is now able to stay up-to-date with federal legislative requirements, implement regulatory best practices and centralize all policy research in one platform. Esper has automated their policymaking workflows and made those processes more transparent for the department and stakeholders.

With Esper as the agency’s new source of truth, New Hampshire DOE can seamlessly research and collaborate on this mission critical regulatory work, while providing state leadership increased visibility with data insights and reporting.

Esper’s suite of modern workflow and policy management tools allows New Hampshire DOE to:

  • Stay up-to-date with federal legislative requirements
  • Identify target policies for review or amendment
  • Consolidate regulatory, legal and non-regulatory policy research into a single source of truth
  • Eliminate version control issues
  • Gain greater operational insights
  • House institutional knowledge