March 14, 2022

Montana Governor's Office centralizes regulatory work across 13 agencies

By thoroughly and carefully reviewing, rolling back and repealing unnecessary regulations, while also ensuring safeguards for public health and consumer safety, we will reduce the burden Montanans face.

Kristen Juras

Lieutenant Governor, State of Montana

In January 2021, the State of Montana issued Executive Order 1-2021 creating a Red Tape Relief Advisory Council to implement regulatory reform. The council, made up of Governor Greg Gianforte, Lieutenant Governor Kristen Juras and representatives from 13 state-wide agencies, aimed to simplify compliance and ease regulatory burdens on the state’s small businesses, farmers and ranchers.

This led the taskforce to look for ways to leverage the latest in technology for this monumental undertaking. The taskforce identified Esper’s suite of modern workflow and policy management tools as the best solution for these critical processes.

Esper and the Montana Office of the Governor partnered in September of 2021 with the joint goal of digitizing and centralizing this regulatory work. Esper is able to bring all necessary policies into a single, cloud-based platform and structure all of this data to identify policies in need of review.

Montana agency users will be able to easily search through all of their regulations, laws and policy documents—and collaboratively draft amendments and repeals from the same platform.

This partnership tackles the Governor’s Office’s immediate needs while also giving them a scalable and responsive SaaS platform to automate additional critical processes in the future.

By leveraging Esper’s cloud-based policy management system, stakeholders within Montana Office of the Governor can now seamlessly identify:

  • Excessive, outdated and unnecessary regulations
  • Regulations that are especially burdensome to farmers, ranchers and business owners
  • Regulations that disproportionately impact small businesses
  • Appropriate quantitative and qualitative metrics to measure implementation of regulatory reform within each agency