March 12, 2022

Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance & Safety Fire uses Esper to repeal outdated regulations

Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance & Safety Fire sets state-wide regulatory best practices

Through our partnership with Esper, we repeal outdated and unnecessary regulations much easier. Esper’s technology helps us position our agency at the forefront of regulatory best practices.

Gregg Conley

Executive Counsel, Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance & Safety Fire

The state of Georgia is part of the United States insurance regulatory framework, a highly coordinated state-based, national system to protect policyholders and serve the greater public interest. This is accomplished through the effective regulation of the United States insurance marketplace.

The Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance & Safety Fire (OCI) was looking to innovate—they needed a smarter, more modern way to research and analyze critical policy data. Georgia OCI was limited by outdated, manual processes that were slowing down their ability to be adaptive and responsive.

Esper and the Georgia OCI launched in February 2021 with the joint goal of digitizing and centralizing this critical work. Esper is able to bring all necessary policies into a single, cloud-based platform and structure all of this data to identify policies in need of review or repeal. This allows for a streamlined approach, freeing up manual resources to re-focus on other organization-wide initiatives.

With Esper’s real-time and collaborative policy drafting, the office eliminated version control issues and never-ending email chains. This shift has given leadership greater operational insight and the ability to retain institutional knowledge.

Through this strategic partnership with Esper, Georgia OCI is now able to:

  • Stay up-to-date with federal and legislative requirements
  • Identify target policies for review or repeal
  • Consolidate regulatory, legal and non-regulatory policy research into a single source of truth
  • Eliminate version control issues
  • Gain greater operational insights
  • House institutional knowledge