January 6, 2022

by Matthew Moloney

Washington State Department of Health invests in Esper to transform policymaking and boost citizen engagement

[AUSTIN, Texas, December 23, 2021] — Esper is pleased to announce its recent partnership with the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to help the agency achieve its goals of equity, innovation and engagement in all work, including policymaking. 

DOH will utilize Esper’s policy management platform as their source of truth for critical regulatory research, policy workflows and public engagement. In addition, Esper will provide DOH’s leadership with improved visibility into the rulemaking process to improve services for all stakeholders. 

“From our first meeting, there was mutual alignment on the power of technology to improve policy processes in the agency. We’re thrilled to partner with the Washington Department of Health to help them transform the way policies are managed with our collaborative platform,” said Esper CEO Maleka Momand. “We’re confident the DOH will save valuable time and reduce risks associated with manual processes as they transition their policymaking activities into the Esper platform,” added Momand.

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