May 16, 2022

by Matthew Moloney

Esper’s policy management software now available on AWS Marketplace

Esper, a leading provider of cloud-based policy management software, is now available for purchase on AWS Marketplace.

This automated and accelerated purchasing process streamlines customer adoption of Esper via AWS Marketplace’s consolidated purchase environment, which integrates into government agencies’ existing AWS accounts.

“Giving governments more options to purchase enterprise-grade software is critical,” said Maleka Momand, Esper’s CEO. She continued, “With the needs of government agencies shifting seemingly every month—whether moving to a remote work environment or keeping track of health regulations in a post-COVID world—there is an overwhelming need for adaptive and scalable technology. Historically, procurement and implementation of government software would take years, but that model hampers the responsiveness required to tackle today’s challenges.”

Policy management has typically been a combination of manual work and multiple pieces of legacy software, but Esper consolidates and optimizes the start-to-finish policymaking process.

Esper’s purpose-built policy management software allows government agencies to:

  • Automate all of their policy and approval workflows
  • Collaboratively draft and review policy with necessary stakeholders
  • Simplify research and policy analysis
  • Improve citizen engagement on policies through public comment management, collection and analysis
  • Visualize key organizational milestones and due dates
  • Easily publish or export finished policies

With recent customers including the New York City Police Department, Washington State Department of Health and California State Treasurer’s Office, Esper is streamlining how governments create, collaborate on and disseminate policy.

To learn how Esper can automate your agency’s policymaking processes, feel free to schedule some time with one of our government experts.